Alumni Advisory Board

The CBC Alumni Advisory Board was created in January 2017 as a way to reconnect with the larger CBC community, and assist current board members with various tasks that reach beyond the boundaries of Columbia University. The Board is comprised of a group of CBC alumni who meet with the current CBC leadership once a year to discuss and brainstorm new ideas. They are especially geared toward supporting CBC's fundraising and public relations initiatives, as CBC alumni become a part of new communities after graduation, and are able to spread the word about CBC's latest projects.

Are you a CBC alum interested in continuing to support and connect with CBC's current members? Contact us at to become a member of the Alumni Advisory Board! Membership is on an annual basis and requires a donation of at least $50.

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Alyssa Hubbard (Chair)

Erin Arbuckle

Rebecca Azenberg

Katherine Bergstrom

Ariana Lott

Caitlin Dieck Locke

Sarah Silverblatt-Buser

Rebecca Azenberg

Alyssa Hubbard

Rose Kenerson

Dale Padelford

Eleanor Altholz

Julia Davis-Porada

Madison McCarthy